01 Feb

The importance of creating and using a digital marketing plan

The importance of creating and using a digital marketing plan.

at the heart of any the Smart Company ‘Opportunity, Strategy, Action‘ is  the best approach way  to improving digital marketing and benchmarking to compare where you are now to assess the potential against where you need to be in the future.


Our recent research showed that shockingly, many companies are doing digital marketing, but they don’t have a strategy. The reality is that digital channels are still relatively new and fastchanging, so many businesses haven’t responded adequately and their business is at risk.

We believe that businesses need to first define a separate digital plan to quantify the case for investment in digital marketing and change your approach to managing digital marketing. Then move to a better integrated approach where it’s part of your marketing strategy.


 Grow your audience online

Reach involves building awareness of your brand, products and services on other websites and in offline media to build traffic to different web presences like your main site, microsites or social media pages. It involves maximising reach using continuous inbound communications and planned campaigns to create multiple interactions using different paid, owned and earned media touchpoints.


Encourage brand interactions and leads

INCREASING INTERACTIONS Act is short for Interact. It’s a separate stage from conversion since encouraging interactions on websites and in social media to generate leads is a big challenge for online marketers.  It’s about persuading site visitors or prospects to take the next step, the next Action on their journey when they reach your site or social network presence.


 Increase sales through CRO

INCREASING CONVERSION this is the conversion from lead to sale. It involves getting your audience to take that vital next step which turns them into paying customers whether the payment is taken through online Ecommerce transactions, or offline channels.


 Build customer loyalty and advocacy

IMPROVING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT This is long-term engagement that is, developing a relationship with first-time buyers to build customer loyalty as repeat purchases using communications on your site, social presence, email and direct interaction. We’re also looking to build advocacy or recommendations through ‘word-of-mouth’.

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