22 May



Five Points for Consideration

  1. Create a Brand Culture Based on Care
    At the end of the day, customer experience is about one thing; caring about people. Leaders must be equally committed to caring about employees and customers in equal measure. A shared culture of caring results in rewards for all.
  2. Make it Real
    Bring together brand and culture in ways that are authentic. Customers need to know that the experiences they are getting are genuine. Avoid the script. Within parameters, empower employees to make spur of the moment decisions to meet customer needs. Setting clear boundaries around this can help to ensure that no one gives away the farm.
  3. Get Your Messaging Right
    According to marketing firm Aberdeen, 67% of best-in-class companies have a clear brand message that brings together HR and marketing. A “We’re here for you” message is pointless. Messaging must go much further and make real brand commitments made by real people.
  4. Increase the Human Touch
    Brands live through employee behavior and connection. Blend culture and brand through more interpersonal experiences. While it can streamline some processes, too much automated interaction can be detrimental to a customer-brand relationship. PwC research suggests that 82% of U.S. consumers are looking for more interaction with employees. Give it to them.
  5. Integrate HR and Marketing
    Be brave and consider fully integrating the HR and marketing functions. Put a proven customer-centric leader in place. Redefine roles from scratch and make sure that most have crossover responsibilities to ensure consistent experiences for both customers and employees.

As more and more businesses work to bring together their brand and behavior, the likelihood of increasing the quality of customer experience increases. But it’s those companies that are willing to step back and review their brand DNA that will win out. Carefully defined, communicated, and ingrained brand purpose, promise, and values are the keys to a successful alignment that can deliver.

Sajjad Rezaei Moayed

Luiver Food


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