28 Sep

A people-friendly style that charms readers

Stellar posts are written by a human to other humans. Don’t write for search engines. People will bounce off — and never return. Stuffing your piece will keywords will...

20 Sep

A well-structured body so readers follow easily

Once your opening has pulled readers in, move into the meat and potatoes of the post, the body. A good body makes both reading and understanding a breeze. It...

13 Sep

A gripping opening so readers stay

While drawing your reader in through your headline and picture is important, keeping them on your page is even more significant. That’s your introduction and opening lines job. A...

10 Sep

An enchanting headline so people click

since your headline’s the first thing your readers see, it’s crucial that you get it right. Cobble it up and it’ll cost you. Readers will click away. It’s said...

02 Sep

Writing The Perfect Blog Post

Content marketing revolves around a simple premise. If you produce useful content for your audience long enough you’ll soon become a trusted source and make it easy for people...

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