28 Nov

SMART Goals (T)

Time-bound It is especially important that short-term goals are formulated the SMART way. This is not always possible for long-term goals. Time-bound is often confused with measurable, but there...

22 Nov

SMART Goals (R)

Realistic (Relevant) A realistic goal takes into account the practical situation and the work in which everyone is involved. It is impossible that everyone’s focus will be on the...

15 Nov

SMART Goals (A)

Acceptable (Ambitious) SMART goals must be acceptable for you as well as for the group or the department. For managers it is important to create support for the goal...

08 Nov

SMART Goals (M)

Measurable Each SMART goal has a starting point as well as a finishing point and they are indications of the quality of the effort to be made. A system,...

05 Nov

SMART Goals (S)

Specific A vague goal such as ‘our company wants to enhance its turnover ’indicates that the current situation is not satisfactory. Apparently the turnover must be enhanced. However, there...

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