24 Dec

Our Team wishes you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

It’s incredible that it’s already Christmas… This year was intense, full of joy, new experiences, lovely clients, projects in new countries ❤️ We are grateful for the 12 months...

22 Dec

We are ready for you 2020!!

Cheers to a phenomenal 2019!! This year has truly been a defining one for me! So much growth, educational experiences, and had the privilege of working with such amazing...

18 Dec

Screen of Infinite Distractions

  Look Up Now This is what we do now. This is who we are becoming. We have an individual in front of us who needs our full attention,...

08 Dec

Manipulating Others

Laziness requires that one shirk their responsibilities. The effort to avoid your responsibilities is considerable at first. But as one masters their craft, it becomes natural to avert what...

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