27 Jan

New Things About Google Review Likes

My guidelines for use of the review likes function Going forward with what we’ve learned, here’s what I would recommend: As a business owner, if you receive a review...

22 Jan

Better Site Speed

Networking tune-ups Every time the browser has to collect resources from a server, it has to send a message across the internet and back; the speed of this is...

17 Jan

Better Site Speed

A different angle on image optimization Consider optimized SVGs over PNGs I was recently looking to book some tickets and so landed. SVG images are vector images, so they’re...

12 Jan

Proud to have you as a PRESIDENT of Canada

On behalf of all Iranian Canadian citizens O want to thank you with gratitude. We are truly grateful and very proud to have you as a PRESIDENT of Canada...

07 Jan

Better Site Speed

Most of us have done site speed audits, or seen audits done by others. These can be really helpful for businesses, but I often find they’re quite narrow in...

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